QUINTA DA PIGARÇA’s main activity is the production and commerce of virgin olive oil and Alentejo wines for the domestic market and, mainly, for exportation.

The farm has:

- An outdoors horse ring;
- A tentadero;
- Horse stalls;
- Dining rooms for meetings / weddings / baptisms;
- A shop where our products, as well as other local products, can be tasted and
- Last but not the least, the winery.

QUINTA DA PIGARÇA WINERY is the central core of its economic activity and is included as part of the ALENTEJO WINE ROUTE, which makes it an obvious attraction for lovers of our wines.


QUINTA DA PIGARÇA is located in the heart of Alentejo and enjoys a Continental
Mediterranean climate, with daily high temperatures in the summer and a favorable
temperature range during the harvest.


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